Data Trends for Investment Professionals


Wall Street Wants Your Data Webinar [VIDEO]

We recently hosted a webinar, “Wall Street Wants Your Data: Steps to Creating a New Revenue Stream,” presented by Quandl’s Chief Data Officer, Abraham Thomas. During the presentation, Abraham focused his session on three parts: Part 1 — Wall Street’s hunger for data and how those not typically viewed as data companies can benefit from this phenomenon Part 2 — Best practices for building, selling and delivering a data product that generates additional revenue for your business Part 3 — A Q&A session where Abraham answered attendee’s questions If you couldn’t make the webinar or would simply like to revisit the presentation again,...

Quandl’s Guide to Monetizing Alternative Data

Many businesses from start-ups to multinational corporations have begun augmenting their revenue streams — sometimes exponentially — with their exhaust data. Professional investors who fail to beat their benchmarks quickly go extinct. They now need unique and untapped sources of data to remain competitive. While most think of selling data to brands, media companies and marketers, one critical potential audience for exhaust data is Wall Street. Investors will pay for exhaust or alternative data that tells them something unique about the economy in real time. If you are the owner of such a data asset and you’re contemplating its monetization,...

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