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Quandl Has a New Look

Today we’re launching a brand refresh for Quandl, which you can see on our website. These updates reflect the exciting road we’ve traveled - from our roots as a “financial search engine,” to the platform we are today - the premier source of financial, economic, and alternative data for investment professionals. Quandl’s early platform aggregated a large amount of “data in the wild”, made it searchable and offered users a better consumption experience than was commercially available. The search aspect of Quandl was and still is an important feature of the product, and formed the basis of our original logo...

Change to Quandl API Limits

We have made changes to our API limits as of November 21, 2016 at 8AM EST. Users of the Quandl API may be affected by these changes. Specifically, because of unsustainable usage levels, we are now prohibiting simultaneous API calls from a single user. New API Limits Registered users are now limited to one API request at a time, with additional requests being throttled until the first request has been returned. These changes will not impact subscribers of premium databases on Quandl. Open Database Users Premium Database Subscribers Concurrent calls to the API prohibited Concurrent calls to the API permitted (unchanged) 50,000...

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