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Quandl Python Package Upgrade

2.x Series Package Notes With the release of version three of our API, we are officially deprecating version two of the Quandl Python package. We have re-written the package and will be moving forward with a 3.x.x package under the new namespace of quandl  that will rely on version three of our RESTful API. Upgrading There are numerous advantages to upgrading from the older 2.x series package including improved performance and stability. The upgrade process is fairly simple; Upgrade your package using pip and running: pip install --upgrade Quandl 2. Wherever you have: import Quandl change this to: import quandl as Quandl Additionally, if...

Bring Your Own Tool: the Latest Trend in Data Analysis

The role of the data analyst is changing. The best analysts know that different tasks require different tools. The End of Bundling Once upon a time, data purchases came bundled with data consumption software. You couldn't just buy a dataset; you had to install a proprietary data downloader. You couldn’t just view the data on your computer; you needed a custom visualizer, or even a full-fledged data terminal. And you couldn't do whatever you wanted with the data; you were forced to work within the applications provided to you by the vendor. Today, this seems absurd. In 2016, analysts don't...

Cheat Sheet for Data Analysis in Python

This is a quick reference for data gathering and analysis using the NumPy, SciPy, Pandas and Quandl packages for Python:   [pdf-embedder url=""]   You can download this document here.

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