Data Trends for Investment Professionals


Wall Street Wants Your Data Webinar [VIDEO]

We recently hosted a webinar, “Wall Street Wants Your Data: Steps to Creating a New Revenue Stream,” presented by Quandl’s Chief Data Officer, Abraham Thomas. During the presentation, Abraham focused his session on three parts: Part 1 — Wall Street’s hunger for data and how those not typically viewed as data companies can benefit from this phenomenon Part 2 — Best practices for building, selling and delivering a data product that generates additional revenue for your business Part 3 — A Q&A session where Abraham answered attendee’s questions If you couldn’t make the webinar or would simply like to revisit the presentation again,...

Quandl’s Guide to Monetizing Alternative Data

Many businesses from start-ups to multinational corporations have begun augmenting their revenue streams — sometimes exponentially — with their exhaust data. Professional investors who fail to beat their benchmarks quickly go extinct. They now need unique and untapped sources of data to remain competitive. While most think of selling data to brands, media companies and marketers, one critical potential audience for exhaust data is Wall Street. Investors will pay for exhaust or alternative data that tells them something unique about the economy in real time. If you are the owner of such a data asset and you’re contemplating its monetization,...

The Landscape of Auto Industry Data

Since man first invented the wheel, our need to optimize the way we get around has been an almost primeval obsession. From the advent of the first motorized vehicle to self-driving cars, the auto industry has evolved quickly in its embrace of technology. We are now experiencing what is probably the greatest advancement in the automotive sector since Henry Ford first designed his moving assembly line: the rise of the connected car. Per Scotiabank’s BI Intelligence Estimates, by 2020 more than 75% of new cars shipped will be Internet-connected. From reading your Facebook notifications to measuring safety and engine health,...

Creating a Revenue Stream from Your Data

Foursquare is a well-known and successful social networking platform. The app helps users discover, rate and share nearby restaurants and other popular retail establishments. But after its recent addition of location insights, the company has become more than just a city guide app. For the data-driven investor, Foursquare is a harbinger of market dynamics — an emblem of what Wall Street calls “alternative data.” It all started last September when Foursquare aggregated its user data — in the form of both user check-ins and passive location data acquired from GPS-enabled devices — to measure the foot traffic at Apple stores...

Data Monetization: 10 Pitfalls to Avoid

Here at Quandl we get a steady stream of inbound inquiries from companies keen to monetize their data assets to our audience of investment professionals. These data suppliers are not just peddling stock prices or futures or FX data. They are startups and companies born in an era of data ubiquity. They may have satellite data, smartphone or sensor data, logistics data, or business operations data. This is now known as “alternative data” in industry parlance. One belief unites them all: that their data holds value for capital markets. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Because in life, nothing is ever easy....

A Taxonomy For Alternative Data

We're witnessing a data revolution. You all know by now that we've produced more data in the last 2 years than we have throughout all of humanity. And the pace is only increasing. It begs the question: how do you extract actionable trading signals from this brave new world of noise? It starts with understanding the landscape. Here is Quandl's take on the taxonomy of alternative data for finance.  

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