Data Trends for Investment Professionals


WooTrader proves what startups can accomplish when they get the data they need

We recently spoke to Atanas Stoyanov, CEO of WooTrader, about his journey from a software programmer to FinTech founder. In 2007, Stoyanov sold his previous company, an Inc 500 firm that developed software optimization tools. He then turned his considerable programming talent to helping investors keep up with rapidly changing markets. He launched WooTrader, with the vision of becoming the only website you’ll need for asset management. With the recent release of a Wall Street-ready API, WooTrader’s client base is now expanding to hedge funds and investment banks. You’ve built a number of successful companies, including a software testing company. How...

Bring Your Own Tool: the Latest Trend in Data Analysis

The role of the data analyst is changing. The best analysts know that different tasks require different tools. The End of Bundling Once upon a time, data purchases came bundled with data consumption software. You couldn't just buy a dataset; you had to install a proprietary data downloader. You couldn’t just view the data on your computer; you needed a custom visualizer, or even a full-fledged data terminal. And you couldn't do whatever you wanted with the data; you were forced to work within the applications provided to you by the vendor. Today, this seems absurd. In 2016, analysts don't...

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