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How Email Receipts Predicted GoPro’s Q3 Earnings

The street got a big surprise last week when GoPro reported earnings. Shares dropped sharply in Friday morning trading after the company reported a loss of 60 cents per share on $240.56 million in revenue. Analyst expectations were much milder at a loss of 36 cents per share on $314.06 million in revenue. GoPro cited production issues as the cause for both the third quarter miss and the guidance for Q4. Prior to the earnings announcement, most pundits were bullish – or at least neutral –  on GoPro: see MarketWatch coverage, AmigoBulls, and this note from Raymond James. This is...

Email Receipts used to Forecast Amazon and Uber Revenues

This post is the first in a series called “Alternative Data In Action” (ADIA). Each article in this series will examine a different alternative dataset. We will discuss how the data is sourced, structured and, most importantly, some simple methods for leveraging the data for investment insight. This ADIA looks at electronic receipts. Data scientists Ray McTaggart and Lilian Lau contributed to this post.  The Dataset: Electronic Receipts in Email Where and when people spend their money is invaluable insight for everything from measuring the state of the economy as a whole to studying the success of a single product produced by a single...

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