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The Breakout Stars of Black Friday 2019

2019's Black Friday and Cyber Monday marked the biggest weekend ever in e-commerce [MarketWatch]. Thanks to near real-time updates from Quandl's E-Commerce Intelligence (ECI) data product, we already have a first look at three of the stars who emerged during this year's shopping bonanza. Read on to see: How Turtle Beach may be on their way to another record-breaking yearHow the near-3 year old Switch continues to fuel Nintendo’s successHow GoPro surged over the Black Friday 2019 weekend Using E-Commerce Intelligence to unwrap alpha in 2020 Everything we’re about to show you comes from ECI and aims to deliver early...

Black Friday Surprise: E-Commerce Intelligence from Quandl

Quandl’s newest dataset: 1000+ brands, $15bn revenue, 250+ e-tailers Every year, after a day of poultry-themed festivities, millions of Americans follow their tryptophan rush with the biggest days in retail: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And, every year, the proportional amount of online shopping increases. Following the trend, Black Friday 2019 should see yet another decrease in foot traffic and yet another increase in digital sales. As online purchases become a larger segment of total retail, e-commerce activity becomes more representative of overall company performance. For the data-driven investor, this means that access to e-commerce sales data is an increasingly...

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