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UPDATE: Iron Ore in a Meltdown?

UPDATE: We recently published an updated report on our iron ore monthly insights, featuring our Q1 estimates for each company. Our monthly report is released two to three weeks earlier than public company data. We currently distributed our monthly report on FactSet and Thomson Reuters.  Back in November, the Chinese government imposed regulations on steel production to curb the pollution in areas surrounding Beijing. We predicted that the restrictions would pull the players in iron ore industry in opposing directions: While the general reduction of steel production would reduce the overall demand for iron ore, the intense crackdown on domestic...

Alternative Data in Action: Iron Ore in a Meltdown?

China is both the world's largest producer and the world's largest importer of iron ore. This can result in some curious dynamics in the market, especially when China's internal supply and demand for iron ore become unbalanced.   Recent developments form an interesting case study. The Chinese government has been getting tougher on smog, and this means cutting steel production, which is a major source of pollutants. How will this affect global iron ore markets? Alternative data may hold the answer. Air Care The Chinese government has made it a policy priority to reduce the smog that envelops many of...

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