Data Trends for Investment Professionals


WooTrader proves what startups can accomplish when they get the data they need

We recently spoke to Atanas Stoyanov, CEO of WooTrader, about his journey from a software programmer to FinTech founder. In 2007, Stoyanov sold his previous company, an Inc 500 firm that developed software optimization tools. He then turned his considerable programming talent to helping investors keep up with rapidly changing markets. He launched WooTrader, with the vision of becoming the only website you’ll need for asset management. With the recent release of a Wall Street-ready API, WooTrader’s client base is now expanding to hedge funds and investment banks. You’ve built a number of successful companies, including a software testing company. How...

Talking to Tradestreaming About Unbundling

Recently, our CEO Tammer Kamel spoke to Tradestreaming about how we’re unbundling both financial data and financial apps. You can read the entire interview here. Below is an excerpt: Looking at Product Hunt, it appears a lot of new apps are being built using your APIs. What’s happening here and what does this ecosystem look like years down the road? Yes, this is an exciting development for us. Currently, there are over a hundred financial and analytical apps built on top of Quandl’s API, all created by the Quandl community. You can get Quandl data into scientific and mathematical tools...

Bring Your Own Tool: the Latest Trend in Data Analysis

The role of the data analyst is changing. The best analysts know that different tasks require different tools. The End of Bundling Once upon a time, data purchases came bundled with data consumption software. You couldn't just buy a dataset; you had to install a proprietary data downloader. You couldn’t just view the data on your computer; you needed a custom visualizer, or even a full-fledged data terminal. And you couldn't do whatever you wanted with the data; you were forced to work within the applications provided to you by the vendor. Today, this seems absurd. In 2016, analysts don't...

2016: The Year Ahead

We're just getting started on our mission to transform the world of data. In the last few years, we’ve come a long way. We grew by leaps and bounds in 2015. But there's a lot left to do. Here are some of the things we have planned for 2016: More Data Our biggest priority is improving our data coverage. We plan to expand the quantity of data on Quandl substantially. We also plan to improve the quality: better, more accurate free data, and reliable, pedigreed premium data from blue-chip vendors. If there’s any particular data you’d like to see on Quandl,...

2015: A Quandl Retrospective

Quandl hit some very significant milestones in 2015. It was almost exactly a year ago that we launched our data marketplace. How did we do? Data and Delivery When we launched the marketplace, we had three vendors and five databases for sale. Today, we have over 25 vendors and nearly 100 databases for sale. When we launched the marketplace, we had zero paying customers and zero dollars in revenue. Today, we have hundreds of customers and seven digits in annualized revenue from subscribers. (Not to mention many millions of free data users). When we launched the marketplace, our API served 15 million...

Startup Data Plans on Quandl

Life is hard if you’re a startup looking for high-quality financial or economic data. There are plenty of providers of this data, but they’re the very opposite of startup-friendly. (more…)

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