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Startup Data Plans on Quandl

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Life is hard if you’re a startup looking for high-quality financial or economic data. There are plenty of providers of this data, but they’re the very opposite of startup-friendly.

Prices are steep: in the thousands of dollars for even basic access. There’s no payment flexibility: no discounted pricing for new businesses, no trial licenses for the build/test phase, no “lean” pricing for light usage.

Getting started is onerous and time-consuming. Onboarding is cumbersome. You have to wade through dozens of pages of legalese and disclaimers before you can even see a sample of the data. There’s friction at every stage. You’re locked into complex, stifling contracts. Very often, you have to pay long-term subscription fees up-front.

All this would be fine if you could then use the data in the way you want, but even that’s not permitted. There are heavy restrictions on use, re-use, distribution, derivative data, monetization, you name it. The providers meter “by the hour” and have no hesitation in slapping overage charges on you. They insist you use their own delivery mechanisms (FTP servers or closed-source downloaders – ugh!)

What does all this add up to? Well, it substantially raises the hurdle for aspirational startups in the fin-tech space. You cannot experiment or innovate when the terms of use are so draconian. And you cannot explore disruptive businesses where you don’t know if users will bite, with this kind of extractive pricing.

Not any more.

I’m thrilled to announce Quandl’s startup license pattern. In a nutshell, this license gives developers and startups complete and unrestricted access to our premium databases at very steep discounts (80% or more), with full redistribution rights, generous free previews (“try before you buy”), quick easy signup, and no-nonsense terms of use.

We want to be partners in your growth, not antagonists. We want to let you spend your time working on your project, not worrying about prices and terms of use. And we want to give you the space, choice, and freedom you need to flourish.

You can view our new startup licenses by clicking on “View Pricing” on any of our premium databases. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions as to how we can make these licenses even better for the developer community. Happy coding!

PS. If you’re a startup or developer working on a project that uses Quandl data, we’d like to hear from you. We’ll be showcasing many of the most exciting projects on our forthcoming Quandl For Developers portal.

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