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Quandl’s Guide to Monetizing Alternative Data

Many businesses from start-ups to multinational corporations have begun augmenting their revenue streams — sometimes exponentially — with their exhaust data.

Professional investors who fail to beat their benchmarks quickly go extinct. They now need unique and untapped sources of data to remain competitive. While most think of selling data to brands, media companies and marketers, one critical potential audience for exhaust data is Wall Street. Investors will pay for exhaust or alternative data that tells them something unique about the economy in real time.

If you are the owner of such a data asset and you’re contemplating its monetization, you’ll want to take a look at our new white paper: “Sell Your Data to Wall Street.”

Over the past year, our data science team has vetted over 100 alternative data products for inclusion on Quandl. Along the way, we’ve learned a great deal about how to productize and market alternative data from every corner of the economy.

We put all the knowledge we gained into a single, authoritative guide. You’ll learn:

  • What investors look for in a data asset
  • How to productize and package your data for this audience
  • The infrastructure and delivery platform you need to distribute your data
  • How to market and sell your data
  • How to address privacy concerns

Armed with this information, you will start down the path of generating a significant new stream of revenue for your business that goes directly to your bottom line.

Carpe datum, as we would say, by following the below link to download the white paper.

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