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Quandl’s First Premium Databases


We’re now about two weeks from launching our first batch of premium databases on Quandl. We’re starting with 7 financial and economic databases:


Zacks Investment Research

Our flagship vendor for the launch is Zacks Investment Research, the authority on North American estimation data. They pioneered the concept of consensus-based estimation over 35 years ago, and to this day they remain an essential data source for professional equity investors. Zacks’ presence on Quandl means you will have direct access to the same data they provide to everyone from Bloomberg and Morningstar to SunGard and NASDAQ. We’re starting with four core databases:

Zacks Earnings Estimates Updated daily, this database offers consensus earnings estimates for over 5,000 US and Canadian listed companies as calculated by Zacks Research. The data derives from surveys of more than 2,600 analysts from 185 brokerage firms across North America.
Zacks Earnings Surprises Updated daily, this database chronicles estimated and actual earnings for 8,000 US and Canadian listed companies over 10 years. This database is a quantitative analysts’ delight, in that it offers all kinds of inferences about how markets react to earnings surprises.
Zacks Earnings Announcements Updated daily, this database offers estimated announcement dates, estimation parameters and supplemental data like EPS estimates and EPS actuals for over 5,000 publicly traded companies. Essential data for the practitioner.
Zacks Sales Estimates The analog of the earnings estimates database for sales. This database covers 5,000 North American companies, again based on data from 2,600 analysts surveyed by Zacks.


Stevens Analytics

Our second launch vendor is Stevens Analytics, a newly-formed financial data firm created for the express purpose of selling premium data on Quandl. They have built a robust general purpose global economics database and a unique, extremely valuable continuous futures database.

Stevens Continuous Futures This database is a gem. It is the single best continuous futures database ever constructed. Reference grade, it covers 50 of the most popular US futures contracts, collectively accounting for over 90% of North American futures trading volume, with data going back as much as 50 years. 4 million clean data points, exceptional documentation, all major roll conventions, and price adjustments, updated daily.


Trading Economics

Our third launch vendor is Trading Economics, a data company headquartered in New York that specializes in global economic data

Trading Economics This comprehensive macroeconomic database contains 50+ macroeconomic indicators for 200 countries, updated hourly as data is released. Coverage includes national accounts, prices, housing, construction, industrial production, interest rates, money supply, public finance, wholesale and retail trade, manufacturers’ shipments, inventories and orders, employment, productivity, population, international trade, consumption, inflation and business cycle indicators.

All data is sourced directly from the original publisher which is typically either a central bank, a national statistics agency, an industry organization or a private economic agency. The database samples over 1000 such entities to generate over 7000 perpetually up-to-date datasets.


End of Day Stock Prices

Powered by raw data from QuoteMedia, we will soon be able to offer a database that, amazingly, is very hard to get: clean, always up-to-date, complete end-of-day stock prices for the entire US equity market including adjusted and unadjusted prices, splits and dividend information. It’s so simple conceptually and yet so unbelievably hard to get. Not any more.


The Quandl Kicker

All these new premium databases will of course automatically benefit from Quandl’s free data-usage features: unrestricted API access, integration with 20+ libraries and tools, unlimited downloads in any format, multiple export and visualization options, and more. All premium databases come with extensive free previews; try before you buy! And, most importantly, all databases come with a promise of excellence directly from me, the founder and CEO of Quandl.

(Needless to say, the addition of these premium databases to Quandl will not change the “free Quandl experience” in any way. All data and all features that are currently available for free on Quandl, will remain free forever.)

This is just the beginning. Many more databases are coming soon including stock fundamentals, sales estimates, analyst forecasts, targets and ratings, stock and futures options, currencies, interest rates, commodities, sentiment data, and much more. Contact me if you have questions.

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