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Quandl: the next chapter

A lot has changed in the last five years.

In 2013 when we launched the Quandl website, we were motivated by a simple vision: making data easy to find and easy to use. It sounds obvious today, but at the time it was quite revolutionary; those were the days of FTP, and CD-ROM, and PDF data tables. Today of course every major data vendor has a web front-end, and a search interface, and a cloud API, and integrations with end-user apps to make data consumption easy.

In 2015 when we launched the Quandl data marketplace, we were motivated by a similarly simple vision: users should only pay for the data they need, and not for thousands of other datasets, or features bundled into a single expensive terminal. Today of course every major data vendor has launched or is launching an à la carte data service.

In 2017 when we launched the Quandl alternative data platform, again we had a simple vision: to harness the flood of new and untapped data being generated around the world to generate timely, unique, actionable insights for financial markets. Now, alternative data has become one of hottest areas of finance, and every major data vendor is scrambling to incorporate it into their coverage.

The world of financial data has changed immensely since we founded Quandl, and we’ve helped drive that change, in ways that have been vastly positive for our users and customers.

This week marks the next big change for Quandl. We have been acquired by Nasdaq; from now onwards, Quandl is a Nasdaq company.

What does this acquisition mean for everyone?

If you missed our announcement post to our customers and users, this means stability and more data. With Nasdaq’s institutional resources, we will be able to continually bring new and exciting core and alternative data products to market, but faster, better, and at greater scale.

For our data partners, this means even greater stability and a much broader reach. With Nasdaq’s worldwide sales and marketing capabilities, we will be able to bring your data to a much wider global audience.

We’re also solidifying our leadership position in the alternative data industry. Marketplaces have a strong network effect: buyers go where the sellers are, and sellers go where the buyers are. Data has its own network effect: two datasets combined can generate insight unavailable from either one alone. By merging Quandl’s and Nasdaq’s data, relationships, assets and technology, we accelerate both these processes. This convergence is good for everyone: it means our customers have a single source for all their data needs, and it means our data partners have a single venue for all their data sales.

Our mission has always been to empower the data-driven investor; Nasdaq helps us do this better.

Making the decision

Acquisitions tend to be complex processes, but merging with Nasdaq was an easy decision for us.

  • Nasdaq understands data: as a major financial data company, Nasdaq has the experience, expertise, technology and assets to supercharge our data.
  • Nasdaq understands marketplaces: as the world’s leading exchange and exchange technology company, Nasdaq has unparalleled insight into marketplace dynamics and network effects.
  • Nasdaq shares the Quandl vision: like us, Nasdaq believes that the ongoing worldwide data explosion will inevitably and dramatically transform financial markets. Also like us, they want to be a leader in that transformation.

Given this overlap, we realized it made a lot of sense to team up. Nasdaq offers Quandl an enhanced global presence; it delivers a wide range of data assets and technology; and it brings us the resources to scale up every aspect of our operations. Meanwhile, Quandl will continue to deliver what our users have come to expect: great data, a delightful data consumption experience, value-add from data science and engineering, a powerful delivery platform, and outstanding customer support. Together, we will achieve what neither of us could on our own.

And this is just the beginning. Quandl already counts dozens of the world’s largest hedge funds, investment banks and asset managers among its clients, in addition to a growing range of universities, fintech start-ups and corporates. As firms across the economy become ever more sophisticated, quantitative, and analytical, we stand ready to help them find their data-driven edge.

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