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Quandl Launches New Search and Browse

We’re pleased to announce the general availability of our new search and browse experience on Quandl. Over the last six months, we have been hard at work iterating and testing a substantially improved data discovery experience. After hundreds of builds, five separate beta tests, thousands of survey questions and plenty of heated (though enjoyable) debates, we think we’ve got something you’ll love.

Thanks to those of you who offered beta feedback. Your wisdom, intuition and in some cases wit went a long way towards informing the iterations of these critical functions. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you.

The biggest improvement you’ll notice is a much more accurate and robust set of search results. We know our previous search was, shall we say, sometimes frustrating, so our team completely rewrote the functionality from the ground up, using superior tools and libraries that simply weren’t available when we first designed the platform.

You’ll also notice that the speed at which we return results is vastly improved. We focused a lot on delivering a modern, efficient experience to keep you moving quickly. In addition to better performance, we update the results page instantly as you type. 

Finally, we supplied you with a more extensible and flexible set of filters to use as you look for data on Quandl — a feature that is tightly integrated with the keyword search functionality. There is also an improved result view, with more information and data snippets offered for each result.

We hope you find the new user experience satisfying and fruitful. We always welcome feedback; please send us yours at

Try it out for yourself!

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