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Quandl Launches Intraday Data

One of our most popular user requests has long been that we add intraday data to Quandl’s data coverage.

The wait is over.

We are thrilled to announce that Quandl now supports intraday data for US equities. You can now look at market fluctuations with greater granularity than ever before.

We begin with five exceptional databases of intraday equity data:

These databases are provided by AlgoSeek, a leading provider of historical tick and alternative data.

Each database offers five years’ history of one minute trade bars, updated daily. Bars include trade-based Open, High, Low, Close and Volume for every stock in the index on every trading day. The databases also include all additions, deletions, symbol changes and other alterations to the index.

See the data now

These databases are just the first of many intraday databases to come from a variety of top-notch sources. We will be adding intraday futures data soon; stay tuned for more!

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