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2015: A Quandl Retrospective

Quandl hit some very significant milestones in 2015. It was almost exactly a year ago that we launched our data marketplace. How did we do? Data and Delivery When we launched the marketplace, we had three vendors and five databases for sale. Today, we have over 25 vendors and nearly 100 databases for sale. When we launched the marketplace, we had zero paying customers and zero dollars in revenue. Today, we have hundreds of customers and seven digits in annualized revenue from subscribers. (Not to mention many millions of free data users). When we launched the marketplace, our API served 15 million...

Getting Started with the Quandl API

Every single dataset on Quandl is available via our API. The API is simple, consistent and completely free to use. Here's a quick and easy guide to get you started. This is not meant to be a formal reference for the Quandl API; merely a quick-start guide. To read the complete and definitive documentation, please click here. To start using the Quandl API: Sign up for a free API key Synopsis Here is an API call for FB stock data in CSV format: Here is the same call, with some additional parameters appended: The second call gets FB stock...

API for Global Stock Data

Quandl now offers API access to stock prices from India, China, Japan and other countries. Quandl also provides stock fundamentals, sentiment, corporate actions and other extended equity data for global stock markets. (more…)

The World’s Most Accurate Options Data

ORATS is on a mission to deliver traders the most accurate options data in the world. We recently published a database on Quandl that is the product of this mission.  In this short post, I will discuss why professional quantitative traders trust ORATS for their backtesting and model calibration. (more…)

US Earnings Data

US Earnings Data Quandl is the largest, most comprehensive, most accurate source of US earnings data on the internet. Data coverage includes consensus earnings estimates, actual earnings, earnings estimates trends, and earnings surprises for over 5,000 North American companies. (more…)

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