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Introducing Hamza Khan, Quandl’s new Head of European Data

We are excited to welcome Hamza Khan as Head of European Data. In anticipation of the growing investor demand for regional data, Khan will lead Quandl’s data strategy and expand our presence in the European market.  “Investor demand for European alternative data has been rising, but supply has not kept pace,” said Tammer Kamel, Head of Nasdaq’s Quandl. “Hamza understands what our customers need and can marry that with his expert knowledge of the European domain.” Khan began his career as a quantitative analyst and was the head of commodities strategy at ING prior to founding Suburbia, a technology company...

The future of data privacy in alternative data

An interview with Peter Greene We had the opportunity to interview Peter Greene, Vice Chair of the Investment Management Group at Lowenstein Sandler LLP, on the topic of data privacy in alternative data. We cover the evolution of data compliance, current challenges in the regulatory scheme and how data privacy might evolve in the future. Comments have been condensed and edited for clarity. Looking back at your presentation from the 2020 Quandl Data Conference, how important is data privacy and data compliance for a hedge fund or data-driven investor today versus 5 years ago? Greene: A lot has changed. Five...

The best FX datasets on Quandl: volume, flow, swap and more

Over the years, we’ve scouted the forex landscape to bring you a world class portfolio of FX data products. Quandl’s FX data includes foreign exchange volume and flow by currency and participant type, swap and forward volume, rates and much more. Here are the most popular (and most essential) foreign exchange datasets on Quandl. FX Alternative Data Bundle Quandl’s most powerful FX data comes from the world’s largest multi-currency cash settlement system, settling more than 50% of FX transactions globally. Prior to their foundation, FX transaction data was widely dispersed and hard to aggregate. Our ability to source and present...

QDC2020: Our thanks, your thoughts

We surveyed QDC2020’s attendees for their standout moments. From favorite sessions to highlights of the day, here’s what you said were the brightest parts of 2020’s Quandl Data Conference.

The Breakout Stars of Black Friday 2019

2019's Black Friday and Cyber Monday marked the biggest weekend ever in e-commerce [MarketWatch]. Thanks to near real-time updates from Quandl's E-Commerce Intelligence (ECI) data product, we already have a first look at three of the stars who emerged during this year's shopping bonanza. Read on to see: How Turtle Beach may be on their way to another record-breaking yearHow the near-3 year old Switch continues to fuel Nintendo’s successHow GoPro surged over the Black Friday 2019 weekend Using E-Commerce Intelligence to unwrap alpha in 2020 Everything we’re about to show you comes from ECI and aims to deliver early...

Advent 2019: Integrating Quandl data with Python

Here’s a web application built on top of Quandl’s API in less than an hour. Anvil are building one web app a day for each day of advent, and the app for Day 12 is based on the prices of gold, frankincense and myrrh. This post originally appeared on Anvil’s blog. To view the original article and learn how Anvil empowers users to build and deploy full stack web apps using only Python, click here. Financial data at Christmas Why do governments have underground vaults full of gold, but not frankincense or myrrh? What makes some things commodities and other...

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