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NASDAQ OMX Global Indexes now available on Quandl


This week NASDAQ OMX became the first major index provider to distribute index data via Quandl. Quandl is now one of NASDAQ OMX’s Elite Index Data Partners, which is fantastic for Quandl users as it gives them complete and unlimited access to NASDAQ OMX’s suite of over 40,000 indexes.

The partnership is the product of shared values: NASDAQ OMX is, by far, the most progressive of the major index providers when it comes to transparency, openness, and accessibility. Quandl is built on these very principles; they are core to our value proposition. Hence the partnership opportunity made perfect sense for us.

The NASDAQ OMX index data offering is comprehensive: the iconic NASDAQ 100 index, comprehensive country and sector indexes, modern “green” indexes and specialized families like the Nordic Fixed Income indexes are all available. Quandl users, as always, get unlimited access to this data via the website, the API, Excel, R, Python, MatlabMaple, and our other libraries.

Quandl is an open platform, so we may see other index providers on the site in the future. But the great thing about NASDAQ OMX’s suite is that it is totally comprehensive. There is almost nothing on offer from their peers that they do not produce. In fact, if you care to run some regressions, you’ll discover that NASDAQ’s indexes correlate well above 99.9% with MSCI, FTSE and others. By its sheer comprehensiveness, the NASDAQ OMX Global Indexes equip the Quandl user base with a complete benchmarking solution, which we are of course thrilled about.

You are invited to dive in to the NASDAQ OMX Indexes on Quandl.

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