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Introducing Global Fundamentals Data


Global fundamentals data is notoriously difficult to obtain. We’re happy to say that you can now get it on Quandl.

We have begun offering hard-to-find global fundamentals data through Robur Investment Resources, our latest vendor and partner.

Robur’s Global Select Stock Fundamentals database features over 4,500 of the world’s most liquid stocks and has a special focus on Asian and European fundamentals.

Highlights of these databases:

  • Covers 75+ essential fundamental indicators, key financial ratios, growth metrics and fundamental forecasts
  • Indicators include income statement, cash flow and balance sheet statistics, harmonized across reporting formats
  • Highly-qualified staff members meticulously curate data directly from the audited reports of individual companies
  • Covers six years of historical data and is updated daily
  • Quality, accuracy and transparent methodology guaranteed by Robur

See the data now

An independent research firm founded by two private investors, Robur produces professional-grade company financial data for businesses, advisors and individual investors. With decades of investing experience, the firm’s founders created Robur to meet the needs of discerning investors who require quality financial data to make critical investment decisions.

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