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The Results Are In: Feedback on the Alternative Data Weekly

We asked and you answered.

In our mission to continually improve the digital experience across all channels, we recently sent a survey to subscribers of our Alternative Data Weekly newsletter to gain insight on what you most enjoyed reading, what industries were of interest and what content you would like to see more of. We had a great response to the request and thank all those who took the time to help enrich our newsletter.

The feedback was overall positive with 82% of readers stating that they would recommend the Alternative Data Weekly to a friend. We also asked what you most liked about the newsletter, to which 85% of you replied that it kept you updated on news you wouldn’t otherwise find; 53% replied that it was relevant to your field of work and another 53% of you replied that it was succinct and well curated.

What do you like most about the Alternative Data Weekly? (Check all that apply)

Quandl's Alternative Data Weekly survey results

As we consider expanding the newsletter content to other industries, we wanted to know which specific topics were of most interest to you. There was a clear winner for this inquiry as 87% highlighted that you would be interested in reading more content about artificial intelligence as it relates to alternative data. Just behind the AI curve, 58% indicated that we should report on hedge fund performance, while another 58% were interested in reading more on commodities.

We are considering expanding the newsletter to cover industry specific topics as they relate to alternative data. Which of the following interest you? (Check all that apply)

Quandl's Alternative Data Weekly survey results

As mentioned, we are incredibly thankful to those who took part, but even if you didn’t answer this time around, we always want to hear your thoughts on how we can improve both the Alternative Data Weekly and our blog content. Feel free to post in the comments below and, if you haven’t already, we encourage you to subscribe to the ADW newsletter.

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