Data Trends for Investment Professionals


The Data Factory, Part One: Acquiring the right data

This is part one of a series of blog posts exploring the data factory, the premier approach to data management. In the assembly line model that powers the data factory, as with many other things, well begun is half done. The first stage in any data process is acquiring the right data for your  organization’s needs. The process of acquiring data involves a number of smaller steps which include sourcing; contracting; extracting, transforming and loading the data; and business development. These steps are by no means linear. They can and often do happen simultaneously.  This stage is all about ensuring...

Introducing Hamza Khan, Quandl’s new Head of European Data

We are excited to welcome Hamza Khan as Head of European Data. In anticipation of the growing investor demand for regional data, Khan will lead Quandl’s data strategy and expand our presence in the European market.  “Investor demand for European alternative data has been rising, but supply has not kept pace,” said Tammer Kamel, Head of Nasdaq’s Quandl. “Hamza understands what our customers need and can marry that with his expert knowledge of the European domain.” Khan began his career as a quantitative analyst and was the head of commodities strategy at ING prior to founding Suburbia, a technology company...

QDC2020: Our thanks, your thoughts

We surveyed QDC2020’s attendees for their standout moments. From favorite sessions to highlights of the day, here’s what you said were the brightest parts of 2020’s Quandl Data Conference.

Update to Quandl Privacy Policy

As a Quandl customer or registered user, the protection of your personal data and privacy is critically important to us. Reflecting Quandl’s acquisition by Nasdaq several months ago, we're writing to inform you that as a member of the Nasdaq family of companies, Quandl is migrated effective June 5, 2019, to the global "Nasdaq Inc., and Affiliated Companies Privacy Policy" which you can read in full here. Our updated policy documents Nasdaq’s global practices to protect personal data and respect individuals’ privacy rights in accordance with global legal requirements and our ethical standards. From a customer experience perspective, this change...

Quandl: the next chapter

A lot has changed in the last five years. In 2013 when we launched the Quandl website, we were motivated by a simple vision: making data easy to find and easy to use. It sounds obvious today, but at the time it was quite revolutionary; those were the days of FTP, and CD-ROM, and PDF data tables. Today of course every major data vendor has a web front-end, and a search interface, and a cloud API, and integrations with end-user apps to make data consumption easy. In 2015 when we launched the Quandl data marketplace, we were motivated by a...

Quandl Acquired by Nasdaq to Advance Use of Alternative Data

It has been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to reach out to our entire base of over 400,000 users across the globe. Today I’m delighted to announce that Quandl has been acquired by Nasdaq. Our mission has always been to enable data-driven investing, and now, with Nasdaq’s institutional backing, we will be able to grow and scale faster, with more data and richer functionality on Quandl. Nasdaq’s unique position within the global capital markets will bring us reach, assets, and technology so we can better serve you. Everything is business as usual: our data, our APIs, our website,...

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