Data Trends for Investment Professionals


Cheat Sheet for Data Analysis in Python

This is a quick reference for data gathering and analysis using the NumPy, SciPy, Pandas and Quandl packages for Python:   [pdf-embedder url=""]   You can download this document here.

Using Quandl in R

Our mantra here at Quandl is making data easy to find and easy to use. Following that goal we (and subsequently the community) have created packages that integrate Quandl’s API into a number of software platforms. Today we’ll take a look at R. R is a free statistical computing language created in 1993 based on an implementation of the S computing language. It has many packages written by its community which keep its methods on the cutting edge of statistical analysis. Quandl’s API wrapped within R makes the tedious aspects of getting data into your console trivial, and gets you...

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