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Email Receipts used to Forecast Amazon and Uber Revenues

This post is the first in a series called “Alternative Data In Action” (ADIA). Each article in this series will examine a different alternative dataset. We will discuss how the data is sourced, structured and, most importantly, some simple methods for leveraging the data for investment insight. This ADIA looks at electronic receipts. Data scientists Ray McTaggart and Lilian Lau contributed to this post.  The Dataset: Electronic Receipts in Email Where and when people spend their money is invaluable insight for everything from measuring the state of the economy as a whole to studying the success of a single product produced by a single...

An Interview with Vishal Goklani, Founder & CEO of METRICLE

Sentiment data and analysis has long been part of the toolkit of the successful investor. If you know what other people think about a stock, you can profit from their positioning. In the past sentiment had to be gleaned piecemeal from newspaper reports, anecdotes and personal observation. But in recent years, the internet has unleashed a flood of new sentiment sources, from real-time news websites to social media posts to self-published blogs and reviews. The first wave of internet sentiment analysis companies achieved success capturing this data and selling it to financial investors. Predictably, the market has been quick to assimilate...

Stock Sentiment Data: Measuring the Mood of the Market

For as long as there have been stock markets, there have been investors trying to beat the markets. Some investors use fundamental analysis: the deep perusal of financial statements and operating models, to gauge the health of a company and its future earnings. Other investors use technical analysis: the search for repeating and exploitable patterns in price action. Still others invoke macroeconomic conditions, or business cycles, or even sunspots, to inform their trading decisions. A brief history of stock sentiment One of the oldest and most lucrative investment strategies is also the simplest: sentiment analysis. If you know what other...

Expanding Quandl’s European Futures Data

Futures data has always been an area of focus for Quandl. Our newest databases expand our coverage significantly. Futures Data on Quandl When we launched Quandl three years and 20 million datasets ago, futures coverage was a major strength. We had excellent data for North American futures markets, especially the CME and CBOT. Over the years, we added several more North American exchanges: ICE, Minneapolis, Montreal and CBOE. We also added supporting data from the CFTC. Then we expanded into international markets: futures data from Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, Osaka, Mumbai, Dubai and other exchanges. When we launched our data marketplace...

The World’s Most Accurate Options Data

ORATS is on a mission to deliver traders the most accurate options data in the world. We recently published a database on Quandl that is the product of this mission.  In this short post, I will discuss why professional quantitative traders trust ORATS for their backtesting and model calibration. (more…)

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