Data Trends for Investment Professionals


Energy Data

Energy Data Quandl is the largest, most comprehensive, most accurate source of energy data on the internet. Data coverage includes spot prices, production, consumption, exports and imports of all energy products for all countries. (more…)

China Stock Data

China Stock Data Quandl has a comprehensive and accurate collection of Chinese stock market data. Data coverage includes stock fundamentals, financial ratios, and key indicators for thousands of Chinese companies. Stock prices on the Shenzhen and Shanghai exchanges, stock indexes, securities master data, and other related databases will be added to Quandl soon. Stock Fundamentals Data Quandl's DY1 database, published by DataYes, is the most comprehensive and accurate source of Chinese stock fundamentals data. This database provides current and historical data for 150 key fundamental indicators and financial ratios for more than 2900 Chinese companies trading at the Shanghai and...

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