Data Trends for Investment Professionals


Black Friday Surprise: E-Commerce Intelligence from Quandl

Quandl’s newest dataset: 1000+ brands, $15bn revenue, 250+ e-tailers Every year, after a day of poultry-themed festivities, millions of Americans follow their tryptophan rush with the biggest days in retail: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And, every year, the proportional amount of online shopping increases. Following the trend, Black Friday 2019 should see yet another decrease in foot traffic and yet another increase in digital sales. As online purchases become a larger segment of total retail, e-commerce activity becomes more representative of overall company performance. For the data-driven investor, this means that access to e-commerce sales data is an increasingly...

The Inedible Feast

So much data, so little alpha A number of researchers and consulting shops have published projections of just how big the alternative data industry is destined to be. Deloitte, for example, concluded that the industry will swell to $7 billion next year. They go on to note, "There is no shortage of vendors that provide these data sets to Wall Street.” I would suggest the “no shortage” situation is related to the promise of that $7 billion spend. In fact “no shortage” understates what’s going on. The amount of data on offer to professional investors is excessive and quickly becoming...

Data alternatives – and alternative data – to use during U.S. government shutdowns

The US government shutdown ended on January 25, but with funding only restored until this Friday (February 15), analysts, economists, and other data-dependent specialists may be again in need of reliable alternatives. The 35-day shutdown was the longest ever and left many users - even the Federal Reserve - without the data needed for investment and policy-making decisions.  The most notable gaps were in data collected and released by of the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) and the Census Bureau, both under the Commerce Department. Also sidelined were the Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service and its Economic Research...

Stock Market Data: The Ultimate Guide [Part 2]

Continuing with our guide to stock market data, in this post we will detail the various databases available for analyst ratings and targets, options, futures and indexes, and alternative data. If you haven't yet read Part One then you may do so by visiting here or else continue reading for Part Two. Analyst Ratings and Targets Understanding what other investors and analysts expect from a stock is a key component of forecasting that stock accurately. In certain cases, rosy analyst ratings may reflect a healthy underlying company; in other cases, they may reflect a consensus that is ripe to be...

Stock Market Data: The Ultimate Guide [Part 1]

Introduction to Stock Market Data The volume and variety of data used by stock market investors have exploded in recent years. Gone are the days when stock prices and company fundamentals sufficed to build a robust investment strategy. Today, analysts and traders use a far wider set of data to inform their investment decisions: market structure data, sentiment and psychology data, consensus and survey data and much more. Quandl has the richest collection of publicly available equity data on the internet. This is Quandl’s guide to stock market data: What’s available, where to find it and how to use it....

API for Global Stock Data

Quandl now offers API access to stock prices from India, China, Japan and other countries. Quandl also provides stock fundamentals, sentiment, corporate actions and other extended equity data for global stock markets. (more…)

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