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Bollinger Band Breakout Augmented with FX Volume

This alternative data in action post looks at the power of currency volume data. CLS has just published the first true global foreign exchange (FX) volume database. Commercially available for the first time via Quandl, this database is the most accurate, most comprehensive and timeliest gauge of currency trading volume ever published. In this post, we present the results of augmenting a well-known FX trading strategy - Bollinger Band breakout - with data from our CLS Daily FX Volume database. This database, along with the CLS Hourly Volume database, offers access to the broadest set of executed trade data in...

How Email Receipts Predicted GoPro’s Q3 Earnings

The street got a big surprise last week when GoPro reported earnings. Shares dropped sharply in Friday morning trading after the company reported a loss of 60 cents per share on $240.56 million in revenue. Analyst expectations were much milder at a loss of 36 cents per share on $314.06 million in revenue. GoPro cited production issues as the cause for both the third quarter miss and the guidance for Q4. Prior to the earnings announcement, most pundits were bullish – or at least neutral –  on GoPro: see MarketWatch coverage, AmigoBulls, and this note from Raymond James. This is...

Free DataCamp Tutorial for Quandl and R

This is a guest post from DataCamp. At DataCamp we build tools to learn data science interactively. We have an onlineR tutorial to learn R Programming and a Python For Data Science tutorial to learn Python. Some time ago we collaborated with Quandl to developHow to Work with Quandl in R, a free interactive tutorial that introduces you to the main functionality of the Quandl R package. Evidently, we hit the mark with this one because to date, this course has been taken by more than 30,000 data science enthusiasts. In the past few weeks, we’ve been updating many of...

BOOK REVIEW: Financial Analytics with R

There’s a new source in town for those who want to learn R and it’s a good, old-fashioned book called Financial Analytics with R: Building a Laptop Laboratory for Data Science.  Written by Mark Bennett and Dirk Hugen, it hits the shelves in the U.K. in September and the U.S. in November. Though designed as a graduate-level textbook, it is a highly appropriate read for practitioners in financial analysis who are new to R, or who want to improve their understanding and use of R. Be warned, however, that a sufficient background in university-level math, statistics, and computer science is...

The Comprehensive Guide to Stock Price Calculation

[mathjax] Adjusted stock prices are the foundation for time-series analysis of equity markets. Good analysts insist on properly-adjusted stock data. But the best analysts understand the adjustment process from first principles. This is Quandl's guide to the creation and maintenance of accurate adjusted historical stock prices. Table of Contents Introduction Adjustment Principles 1.Cash Dividends 2.Stock Dividends 3.Stock Splits 4.Reverse Stock Splits 5.Spinoffs 6.Mergers and Acquisitions 7.Buybacks Implementation Challenges Introduction Below is a graph showing the unadjusted or nominal closing price of Exxon (XOM) stock every day since 1970. Of course, this graph says nothing about the returns an investor in...

The Seven Deadly Sins of Quantitative Data Analysts

Sooner or later, every quant is tempted by forbidden fruit. These all-too-human traits can permeate even the most sophisticated analysis. Keep these tips in mind as you develop strategies, and you just may turn vice into virtue. Download the printable version [media-downloader media_id="365" texts="here"].

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