Data Trends for Investment Professionals


Capitalizing on ETF data: In conversation with Atom Finance

Atom Finance turned to Nasdaq APIs for ETF and fund data to help fuel their research platform. Learn more about their experience with Nasdaq’s data. If you were an investor in the 80s, chances are good that you couldn’t do without a Bloomberg Terminal. The system burst onto the scene in 1982 and has remained in the investment industry’s toolkit ever since, alongside an ever-growing collection of datasets and analytics tools that help investment professionals make well-informed decisions. Data used to be a tool accessible mostly to the well-funded investor. Now, data and other information is available to investors of...

Introducing Hamza Khan, Quandl’s new Head of European Data

We are excited to welcome Hamza Khan as Head of European Data. In anticipation of the growing investor demand for regional data, Khan will lead Quandl’s data strategy and expand our presence in the European market.  “Investor demand for European alternative data has been rising, but supply has not kept pace,” said Tammer Kamel, Head of Nasdaq’s Quandl. “Hamza understands what our customers need and can marry that with his expert knowledge of the European domain.” Khan began his career as a quantitative analyst and was the head of commodities strategy at ING prior to founding Suburbia, a technology company...

The future of data privacy in alternative data

An interview with Peter Greene We had the opportunity to interview Peter Greene, Vice Chair of the Investment Management Group at Lowenstein Sandler LLP, on the topic of data privacy in alternative data. We cover the evolution of data compliance, current challenges in the regulatory scheme and how data privacy might evolve in the future. Comments have been condensed and edited for clarity. Looking back at your presentation from the 2020 Quandl Data Conference, how important is data privacy and data compliance for a hedge fund or data-driven investor today versus 5 years ago? Greene: A lot has changed. Five...

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