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Black Friday Surprise: E-Commerce Intelligence from Quandl

Quandl’s newest dataset: 1000+ brands, $15bn revenue, 250+ e-tailers Every year, after a day of poultry-themed festivities, millions of Americans follow their tryptophan rush with the biggest days in retail: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And, every year, the proportional amount of online shopping increases. Following the trend, Black Friday 2019 should see yet another decrease in foot traffic and yet another increase in digital sales. As online purchases become a larger segment of total retail, e-commerce activity becomes more representative of overall company performance. For the data-driven investor, this means that access to e-commerce sales data is an increasingly...

Quandl Launches New Search and Browse

We’re pleased to announce the general availability of our new search and browse experience on Quandl. Over the last six months, we have been hard at work iterating and testing a substantially improved data discovery experience. After hundreds of builds, five separate beta tests, thousands of survey questions and plenty of heated (though enjoyable) debates, we think we’ve got something you’ll love. Thanks to those of you who offered beta feedback. Your wisdom, intuition and in some cases wit went a long way towards informing the iterations of these critical functions. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you....

Quandl Has a New Look

Today we’re launching a brand refresh for Quandl, which you can see on our website. These updates reflect the exciting road we’ve traveled - from our roots as a “financial search engine,” to the platform we are today - the premier source of financial, economic, and alternative data for investment professionals. Quandl’s early platform aggregated a large amount of “data in the wild”, made it searchable and offered users a better consumption experience than was commercially available. The search aspect of Quandl was and still is an important feature of the product, and formed the basis of our original logo...

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