Data Trends for Investment Professionals


Quandl’s Guide to Monetizing Alternative Data

Many businesses from start-ups to multinational corporations have begun augmenting their revenue streams — sometimes exponentially — with their exhaust data. Professional investors who fail to beat their benchmarks quickly go extinct. They now need unique and untapped sources of data to remain competitive. While most think of selling data to brands, media companies and marketers, one critical potential audience for exhaust data is Wall Street. Investors will pay for exhaust or alternative data that tells them something unique about the economy in real time. If you are the owner of such a data asset and you’re contemplating its monetization,...

The Landscape of Auto Industry Data

Since man first invented the wheel, our need to optimize the way we get around has been an almost primeval obsession. From the advent of the first motorized vehicle to self-driving cars, the auto industry has evolved quickly in its embrace of technology. We are now experiencing what is probably the greatest advancement in the automotive sector since Henry Ford first designed his moving assembly line: the rise of the connected car. Per Scotiabank’s BI Intelligence Estimates, by 2020 more than 75% of new cars shipped will be Internet-connected. From reading your Facebook notifications to measuring safety and engine health,...

The Results Are In: Feedback on the Alternative Data Weekly

We asked and you answered. In our mission to continually improve the digital experience across all channels, we recently sent a survey to subscribers of our Alternative Data Weekly newsletter to gain insight on what you most enjoyed reading, what industries were of interest and what content you would like to see more of. We had a great response to the request and thank all those who took the time to help enrich our newsletter. The feedback was overall positive with 82% of readers stating that they would recommend the Alternative Data Weekly to a friend. We also asked what...

Uncovering Volume and Improving FX Execution with Data

The foreign exchange market has long been the most decentralized and opaque of all markets. As a result, FX traders labor under major informational disadvantages compared to their peers in other asset classes. Unlike equity markets, where SEC regulations mandate that public exchanges report transaction prices and daily trading volumes, FX boasts no such unified data sources. There are no central exchanges, pits or bulletin boards. The entire market is over-the-counter, party to party, and nobody knows what anybody else is doing beyond the price they’re bidding and offering. In forex, volume is an imperceptible undercurrent. Investment banks see some...

BOOK REVIEW: Financial Analytics with R

There’s a new source in town for those who want to learn R and it’s a good, old-fashioned book called Financial Analytics with R: Building a Laptop Laboratory for Data Science.  Written by Mark Bennett and Dirk Hugen, it hits the shelves in the U.K. in September and the U.S. in November. Though designed as a graduate-level textbook, it is a highly appropriate read for practitioners in financial analysis who are new to R, or who want to improve their understanding and use of R. Be warned, however, that a sufficient background in university-level math, statistics, and computer science is...

A Taxonomy For Alternative Data

We're witnessing a data revolution. You all know by now that we've produced more data in the last 2 years than we have throughout all of humanity. And the pace is only increasing. It begs the question: how do you extract actionable trading signals from this brave new world of noise? It starts with understanding the landscape. Here is Quandl's take on the taxonomy of alternative data for finance.  

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