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Quandl now offers API access to stock prices from India, China, Japan and other countries. Quandl also provides stock fundamentals, sentiment, corporate actions and other extended equity data for global stock markets.


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Indian stock prices:



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To use the Quandl API for global stock data:

  1. Register for a free API key.
  2. Explore the datasets listed below, or use our search page to find the data you need.
  3. Read our API documentation to learn the syntax and start making calls.

If you prefer, you can get your data directly into Python, R, Excel, Ruby and other tools.


Data Organization

Quandl’s global equity data is divided into several “datasets”, each covering a different subject. Most datasets on Quandl are free to use. Some are “premium”, and are available only to subscribers.

Free datasets are maintained by the Quandl community of volunteer curators. As such, we cannot guarantee a daily publication time or quality standard for this data.

Premium datasets are provided by data vendors. These datasets are carefully audited and quality controlled; the data includes history, splits, dividends and adjusted prices; and they have guaranteed daily publishing times. Premium datasets are available only to paying subscribers, but you can preview them for free if you sign up for a Quandl account.


Data Coverage Areas

Quandl’s international equity data includes “raw” stock prices obtained directly from exchanges; “clean” stock prices which include adjusted prices, splits, dividends and ticker changes; fundamentals and financial ratios; global financial, economic and industry data; news and social media sentiment.

Quandl’s US equity data coverage is even wider; see API for US stock data for more.

Global Fundamentals Data

6 years of history for 75+ essential fundamental indicators and financial ratios for 3,700+ companies worldwide. Updated daily.


List of Datasets

Global Stock Prices, from Vendors:

  • RB1 – Global Fundamentals Data
  • DY4 – Chinese stock prices: Shanghai + Shenzhen
  • TC1 – Indian stock prices: CNX 500
  • XBOM – Bombay stock exchange
  • XSHG – Shanghai stock exchange
  • XSHE – Shenzhen stock exchange
  • XHKG – Hong Kong stock exchange
  • XLON – London stock exchange
  • XJPX – Japanese stock prices: Tokyo + Osaka
  • XTSE – Toronto stock exchange
  • XTSX – Toronto ventures exchange
  • BCIW – Barchart global stock indexes

Global Stock Prices, from Exchanges:

  • TSE – Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • OSE – Osaka Securities Exchange
  • NSE – National Stock Exchange India
  • NIKKEI – Japanese stock indexes

Global Stock Fundamentals:

  • RB1 – Global Fundamentals Data
  • DY1 – Chinese stock fundamentals
  • DY5 – Chinese stock financial ratios
  • DY2 – Chinese sector-specific industrial indicators
  • DY3 – Chinese corporate actions
  • DEB – Indian stock fundamentals
  • NS1 – News sentiment and buzz for global stocks

Global Macro Data:

  • SGE – Harmonized global economic data
  • ODA – IMF cross-country economic data
  • FRED – Federal Reserve Economic Data
  • YC – Global yield curves
  • DY2 – Chinese macroeconomic and industrial data
  • NBSC – Government statistics for China
  • ECB – Cross-European banking and economic data
  • BOE – UK bank data, includes exchange and interest rates
  • BOF – French economic and interest rate data
  • SNB – Swiss and Euro-zone banking data
  • BOJ – Japanese economic, monetary and fiscal data
  • BDM – Stock market and interest rate data for Mexico
  • BCB – Comprehensive Brazilian and global macro data
  • INSEE – Detailed economic and societal data for France
  • UKONS – Macroeconomic data for the UK
  • AUSBS – Socioeconomic and financial data for Australia

Additional Resources

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