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Announcing the Third Annual Quandl Data Conference

The industry-leading event for data-driven investing is coming in February. Our co-founder and Chief Data Officer Abraham Thomas shares why he is particularly excited by this year’s conference.

We’re so excited to announce that the third annual Quandl Data Conference is happening on February 28th, 2019, again at Convene’s West 46th Street location.

This is our flagship event, formerly known as the Alternative Data Conference. Why the name change, you might ask?

“Alternative” is a label that is becoming less appropriate everyday. For our customers, data is the fuel that runs their business , no matter what prefix you give it. It’s central to the daily investment workflow for an ever-growing segment of asset managers.

And so we’ve rebranded to reflect this and a broadening of scope. We’re not just dealing with alternative data anymore. We’re dealing with data-driven investing, with all the data working in harmony, and all of the innovation, infrastructure, and business transformation that accompanies it.

At the 2019 event, we’ll talk about the technology and tools required to build a reliable, scalable, and performant data infrastructure. We’ll talk about the people, processes, and partnerships required to derive maximum value from data. And we’ll talk about the latest advances in data science and analytics, from mashups to machine learning,

Of course, none of this will detract from the main focus of the event: data. The Quandl Data Conference will remain the single best event to learn about the state of the art in data advantages for capital markets.

As in previous years, we’ll unveil new and exclusive data products, talk about new sources of insight, and cover new use cases and applications. And we’ll hew closely to the simple recipe that has made past Quandl conferences so successful: essential content presented by exceptional speakers. I can’t wait!

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