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2015: A Quandl Retrospective

Quandl hit some very significant milestones in 2015.

It was almost exactly a year ago that we launched our data marketplace. How did we do?

Data and Delivery

When we launched the marketplace, we had three vendors and five databases for sale. Today, we have over 25 vendors and nearly 100 databases for sale.

When we launched the marketplace, we had zero paying customers and zero dollars in revenue. Today, we have hundreds of customers and seven digits in annualized revenue from subscribers. (Not to mention many millions of free data users).

When we launched the marketplace, our API served 15 million dataset downloads a month. Today, we serve that many every single day.

Institutions and Integrations

When we launched the marketplace, our user base was a mix of individual analysts and small organizations. Today, we also have blue-chip institutional clients that include:

  • Banks like Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and Mizuho.
  • Three of the largest 10 hedge funds in the world.
  • Asset managers like Blackrock, Schroders, Alliance Bernstein and American Century.
  • Technology startups like Domo, Premise, Kensho and Ayasdi.
  • Industrial manufacturers such as BASF and Smithfield.

When we launched the marketplace, we had a handful of integrations making Quandl data easy to use. Today, there’s a rich and growing ecosystem of apps built around the Quandl API. These apps make our data more powerful, accessible and flexible.

We couldn’t have done any of these things without you, our users. Our gratitude goes to everyone who supported Quandl, by adding data to the platform, buying or selling data, spotting and fixing data errors, offering product feedback, using our tools, telling their friends or sending encouragement. Thank you!

In our next post, we’ll write about a few of the initiatives we have planned for 2016, on our ongoing mission to transform the world of data.

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